According to P.D. 159/1984 (Α΄ 53), the lab may provide the following services to Prefectures, Municipalities, municipal and private enterprises:

a) thin sections of rocks, sediments and fossils; retrievement and preparation of fossils; construction of fossil casts,

b) identification of nano-, micro-, macro- fossils,

c) analysis of sediments and sedimentary environments with applications in Hydrocarbon and water resources research,

d) analysis of texture, composition, granulometry and identification of inorganic and organic composites of sediments,

e) preparation of samples for C, O and S stable isotope analysis in sediments,

f) digital logging and mapping of aqueous floors,

g) stereotransportation (sedimentation) and hydrodynamic parameters measurements and

h) protection and enhacing of Geological Heritage.



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